The most common genres

COMICS (English comics, plural of comic – comedic, comical, funny) is a graphic and narrative genre that combines painting (caricature, sequence of drawings) and literature (short texts in the form of “speech balls” or “clouds”); a series of images with short texts that make up a story; a book with such pictures. In. the title is a cartoon story. There are “dumb” K. with an intuitive plot. The most common genres of K. are caricatures and adventures. K. originated in the 15th century. On Wednesday 19th century the first samples of the classics appeared in France. K. The term “K.” first used in 1897 in the USA. The development of comics fell on the 1930s and 1950s in the USA – the “Golden Age” of comic books and magazines. many classics received the option. summer works and popular. films, as well as rock music.

In Ukraine, K. was first presented by cartoonist E. Kozak in the same “Komar” (L., 1937) under the title “How Ususus Nedobity searched for truth in the world”, in the USA he published K. “Nikita’s Fox in America” ​​(also “Nikita’s Fox”, Detroit, 1955). In the magazine “America” ​​(Philadelphia) in 1953, L. Perfetskyi published a series of drawings-narratives “Ukraine in the struggle with horsemen”, which was reprinted in the 1970s. “Winged” (New York). Through ideology. censorship under contract K. was banned from Ukraine. Cartoonist A. Vasylenko in “Perets” (1968, No. 7) offered the 1st part of K. “The Adventures of Perchenyata”, published the books by K. “The Adventures of Timka – the world-famous animal hunter from the planet Earth” (1970) and “The Adventures of the Black-paw Cat”, V. Gorbachev – “Who got the guest” (both – 1983) and “How to be friends with a little dragon” (1984; all – Kyiv). In the 1990s, approx. 20 books by K. – A. Vasylenko, V. Gorbachev, K. Sulima, S. Pozniak, I. Baranka, V. Karpenko and others. Among the best books by K. – illustrated. “Svyatogor” and “About Baidu” by O. Chebykin (both – computer version), “Maxim Osa” by I. Baranko (O., 2011; published in several languages), N. Tarabarova – books. Ukrainian series classics “Classic comics” (Kyiv, from 2000); reprint of the collection by K. “Ukraine in struggle” by L. Perfetskyi (T., 2007). In 2006–07, cartoonist I. Bezhuk led K.’s studio near Kolomiy. youth center (Ivano-Fr region). Ukrainian is represented on the Internet. sites on the subject of K. Ukr. many worlds have been translated into the language. K., and Ukrainian. masters K. illustrated the works of inoz. letters The book K. ital gained wide publicity. artist I. Tuveri “Ukrainian notebooks” (Paris, 2011; published in several European languages).

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